Standard workshops available:

Aquamoon offers several weekend workshops to enable astrology students, and those who wish to further their knowledge of various astrology topics, an opportunity to fully explore several astrological themes in depth.

Below are a list of the current workshops available. These will be presented throughout the year.  So will others that are presently on the drawing board.


For more information about the workshops please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. me.


Astrological Fingerprints | Moonlight | Mid-Life - Crisis or Transition | Past Lives | Synastry - Partnership Compatibility


Astrological Fingerprints

This workshop is aimed at the beginner or those who have had a birth chart reading and are interested in going one step further into the intricacy of their chart.

The workshop focuses on the basics of astrology incorporating the planets, signs and house divisions of the chart.

The aim of the workshop is to give the participant an understanding of the energies at play in their own chart and how those energies are unique to them.



The moon's astrological imprint is embedded deep in the unconscious and at the instinctual levels of being.

The moon relates to the process of life through the soul and has no concept of analysis or logic. It therefore becomes one of the most difficult energies in the birth chart to interpret.

This workshop gives you the opportunity to explore the moon's contribution to your personality.


Mid Life  -  Crisis or Transition

Between the ages of 40 and 60 most of us encounter several, potential life changing situations.

Many of us come through this period of life transformed to some extent.  It might only be that we have had the chance to clearly define what we want from life, or it may be that the life structures we had in place at the start of the mid-life process have all been destroyed and a completely new life has had to be defined.  As a result we can either feel free, liberated, exhilerated or we may come through this time to find ourselves beaten and battered, our egos in tatters and facing a future with not too much hope.

Astrologically the mid-life ages can be seen as containing several "rites of passage".

There are a number of key pointers along the way, which if understood correctly, and which taken inconjunction with the energies running your birth chart, can assist you enormously in steering a smoother path through this crisis or transition time.


Past Lives/Instinctive Memory

This workshop uses the birth chart to find possible answers for those who wish to know what karmic states we have bought into this lifetime.

This information is helpful in better understanding some of our quirky behavioral patterns.  It is also helpful in understanding why we find ourselves faced with similar provocative situations or irritating people.

The workshop not only hopes to discover some past life stories but more importantly helps you to understand the potential life lessons we are here to learn in this incarnation.


Synastry (partnership compatibility)

One of the most frequent questions asked of astrologers is "which star sign best suits me?" and the answer is always - any one of them.

The making of and the working at a successful relationship depends on several factors in the charts of both parties. What works for one will spell doom for another.

Combining the energies of two people is called synastry and their combined energies results in a composite chart.

Using synastry and the composite chart, this weekend workshop is for those who wish to gain a better understanding of their current or potential partner.

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