Natural vs. Chemical Deodorant – Which Is Better?

what deodorant is best

The skin covers almost every part of the body and has sweat glands underneath it. Naturally, the bacteria on your skin produce an odour when you sweat. A personal care routine with deodorants is important because it stops bacteria from thriving in the armpits, and other body parts. People with offensive body odour often pollute shared spaces. However, both natural and chemical deodorants can reduce the activity of bacteria-causing body odour.

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Let’s see which type of deodorant is better for anyone that needs a fresh fragrance.

What’s The Difference Between Deodorants And Antiperspirants?

Antiperspirants are special types of skincare products that are different from natural and artificial deodorants. Both deodorant and antiperspirants come as spray and roll-on products. They are not similar because the difference is in their ingredients and functions. While deodorants contain fewer ingredients, they help to mask (reduce) your offensive body odour. However, antiperspirants prevent the production of sweat from sweat glands. Apart from their respective packaging materials, both products leave a pleasant fragrance. 

Natural and Chemical Deodorant 

The ingredients used in natural deodorants don’t clog your skin pores. Instead, they allow the activities of good bacteria to thrive. Usually, these natural deodorants contain organic compounds like alcohol, essential oils, and water. As the largest body organ, the skin uses sweat to maintain our body temperature. With natural body care products, the skin can detox, and perform other function. Before using an all-natural deodorant, it’s important to exfoliate the hair under your armpits. This routine method helps to maximize the formula in your deodorant.

Chemical (synthetic) deodorants contain chemicals that control odour, and they don’t clog sweat glands like their natural versions. While they sweat, users of synthetic deodorants maintain their freshness too. Usually, chemical deodorants contain aluminium salts and some harmful ingredients. These cosmetics might cause irritations and other types of skin reactions. People with sensitive skin will understand the effects of irritations. It’s the fragrance-producing ingredients in chemical deodorants like benzyl salicylate and formaldehyde that cause irritations. You might be exposed to some carcinogenic elements when you buy chemical deodorants that contain geraniol, carboxaldehyde, and linalool.

Why Does Sweat Stink?

It’s difficult to stay in a closed space with someone that has a choking body odour. Also, it might not be polite to ask the person to leave that area, which might mean that you instead decide to leave the space. There are two types of sweat glands (‘eccrine’ and ‘apocrine’) in the body. The eccrine sweat glands have a characteristic odour that is unbearable for people with an active sense of smell. These glands emit sticky and smelly sweat from pores in the armpits, groin, and feet. It’s important to wax hairs around these areas regularly. However, the sweat from your apocrine glands secretes proteins and fatty acids. It’s odourless, but you’ll notice a slight smell when bacteria from your skin act on these secretions.

Are chemical Deodorants Safe?

Generally, deodorants give the body fresh smell for a period and help the user gain confidence. These attributes of deodorants are insufficient factors that determine a great product. You have to be mindful of what touches the skin because harmful ingredients also have irresistible fragrance. Chemical deodorant is not optional for me because they might cause skin irritations. When Aluminum and parabens accumulate on the skin, they often trigger some unpleasant reactions.

¬†Natural deodorants might contain charcoals, but these ingredients come with special benefits. Apart from charcoal’s large surface areas that absorb sweat, this ingredient aids metabolism. So, it’s a win-win situation for users of charcoal-based deodorants. It’s safe to choose deodorants that contain organic (natural) ingredients because they make great products.

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