How can yoga benefit you during isolation.

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Yoga is a 5000 years old Indian technique that is meant to keep you Physically, Mentally and Spiritually fit and strong. It is also known for helping people reach closer to their spiritual centre and inner soul, but most people practice yoga as an exercise which helps them become more flexible in their body in different positions and assist in deepening their breath with the breathing exercises. The complete core of life has been hidden within yoga. It gives you a spiritual height and emotional sensitivity to different elements of life beyond your imagination. Yoga’s benefits can be unlocked if practiced regularly, either at home with online yoga classes or physically at a yoga studio.

Yoga asanas like Shavasana, Mayurasana, Chakrasana, Mandukasana, Sarvangasana, and Suryanamaskara are some relaxing exercises that various yoga gurus have been practicing and teaching. These help us remain calm, and when in isolation, it’ll protect us from negative thoughts. Such yogic exercises generate a positive and energizing effect on the mind. They help us live and survive through tough situations.

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Many people have been separated from families and facing challenging financial times as well. Once a person starts practicing yoga every day, their mental state tends to reject negative thoughts and they think more positively. Exercises create a mindset of pushing harder and fighting against all the odds. As we continuously try to achieve perfection in various yogic poses, it creates a habit of always achieving perfection in life.Don’t let the isolation period get you down during the virus outbreak; make good use of the time we have in isolation to join a beginners yoga online course.

In this pandemic situation, we know many people are affected by a coronavirus and they are all forced to be isolated for significant amounts of time. Due to the nature of this virus, it travels from one person to another person by touch or droplets in the air, therefore being around each other is not allowed during the coronavirus pandemic. The latest reports show it is also spreading by air. Getting isolated and being alone is the only solution left for someone who is infected by it. And this process of isolation is as difficult as it sounds. We as humans are social animals and we are not made to be alone, it affects our mental and physical health.

In this tech world we have so many things to entertain us, but all of them have a limitation. We can’t play video games or watch tv all day long; we also can’t sleep for the whole day. Even if you see this time as golden time to do all the things that are fun to do, it’s important that you maintain a healthy mind and body during isolation. It is advised that you take a break and relax your body and mind. The benefits of yoga are many; ultimately, it depends on every seeker to find them and utilize them in the best possible way. 

Yoga gives your power and for being healthy and will help you to fight against coronavirus. According to WHO, the people who have higher immunity levels have a higher chance to survive COVID 19. And it’s a fact that yoga helps build immunity. Of course, it’s not just yoga, what you eat and drink affects your body equally. With the perfect combination of yoga and proper diet, a person can achieve high immunity against all viruses.