The houses in the natal (birth) chart reflect the specific areas of everyday experiences.  They are the life cycle of any one person’s journey from the moment of birth, through the development of self and ego, onto finding our place in society and finally coming to a time when we once again explore our connectedness with the whole and return to a state of at-one-ness.  Below are simplistic descriptions of each of the houses but it is important to remember that while the houses are clearly defined divisions within the chart they are also part of the larger cycle of life.  The process of life as such cannot be so clearly departmentalised into 12 segments for by the very nature of our existence we are on a journey and each of the houses flows into the next and all the houses are very much interconnected.


First House

how you are seen by others

what you project out

how you begin new projects

your birth experience

your physical appearance


Second House

shows what you value in life

your attitude to money

personal safety & security issues

inner resources

Third House


short journeys

early schooling

your immediate neighbourhood


siblings and your relationship with them

Fourth House

the physical home

your own personal inner home

family history

the parent who nurtured you

ancient history


Fifth House

fun, play, games, hobbies


romance and lovers

all forms of creativity

Sixth House


everyday living and daily rituals

co workers


how you give “service”

Seventh House

love relationships


that which you project onto others

open enemies

lower courts

Eighth House

other people’s money/resources

business partnerships


all the taboo subjects – death sex and taxes

life & death cycles

that which is dark and hidden

Ninth House

the truth

higher learning / philosophy



religion / your view of “god”

long journeys

Tenth House

profession / career

authority figures and your attitude to them

the authoritarian parent

public image

Eleventh House

community groups


social reform and causes


Twelfth House

institutions – prison / hospitals


collective unconscious

being of greater service


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